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Welcome to the section devoted to helping you make your custom figures better.  If you need any instructional articles to help you with common questions or anything along those lines, this is the place you want to be.  Each article was designed and primed for you, the not-so-average customizer, to read and understand without confusion.  No one is the average customizer because there's nothing to be compared to.  Each customizer is in his own class, and deserves all the help he deserves and can get.

The articles are listed in alphabetical order, so if you know of an article your looking for that you don't see on the left, click on either "previous" or "next".  Notification of new article postings and their dates will be listed here.

New (as of June 7, 1999):
-"Clay Wars: Episode I Special Edition", by Trip Somers (with a little help from everyone) 

If you find an article to be lacking something you feel you can add to it, please email me and let me know. Here you can learn about better techniques, tricks, tips, recipes, so read an article, learn some stuff, and get crackin'.