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Lotsa Base Figures!!!
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by: Phil

Ahh yes monsters they haunted your nightmare as a child, and may still, they were what everyone was talking about on the playground (or water cooler).  Monsters are one of the most variable set of customs.  Since monsters are written in books before they become movies they can vary in the imaginations of each customizers.  So without futher ado here we (Customize It!) present...

Phil's Monsters (Sounding of trumpets).

We'll begin our little journey with the

This is basically an updated version of Hunchback from the book "Hunchback of Notre Dame"
Made from scratch

I tried to imagine what he'd look like if he was in morderntoday society, so basically, he's a homeless guy with a missing hand and one hell of a hunch. The story behind the missing hand, is, well, I accidently broke it off. Then feeling lazy (like I usually do), I just took some clay, cured it with a lighter, then made up an story behind it: His hand was chopped off while being attacked by a local gang.

Next in line is the

Made from the Frankenstein guy from the Big Bad Beetleborgs 6 pack. The head was sculpted from scratch.

Alright, this was done out of complete boredom and a mess up! I was trying to make a generic BTAS thug, and the head came out looking a little, well, cavemanish. So, I sanded off the hair, did a couple washes, added blood, and re-did the face a tad. This was loosely based on the movie "Goblins".... Not that I saw it or anything.

FINALLY here comes the FINAL Monster the ending one the last but not the least of Phil's customs (yeah so there's only three quit your whining I don't see you doing any of the work).  Well as I was saying heres the last of the monsters the immortal and very ever popular:
Phantom of the Opera

The torso is from the vampire guy from the BBB 6 pack, the arms are from the wolfman guy, once agin, from the BBB 6 pack, and the head is from the mummy guy, also from the 6 pack.

Well, this one is a sorta updated version too, and the Mummy head I used sorta reminded me of a cartoon of the Phantom while I was a wee little lad. I decided it would be more fun if I did it a little different then the media has protrayed him within the past 5-7 years. I had a lot of fun making this kooky bastard.... Well, maybe, a little too much fun.

Well thats all we got, but Phil's got more check out his page full of neato stuff it can be found here:

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