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Lotsa Base Figures!!!
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Introducing the latest release from Arkenyon Unlimited - Mortal Kombat! This new 6" figure line consists of five basic figures and one deluxe figure (yet to be announced).

These figures have limited posability, no accessories, and no packaging. In fact, they have no "play" value whatsoever. But they look really cool standing on a shelf! We will examine each figure individually:

Liu Kang

Strengths: Warrior's soul, martial arts master
Weaknesses: Headstrong, emotional
Recipe: Hercules upper torso, Pink Power Ranger (!) lower torso, vinyl headband


Strengths: Pure evil, bad attitude
Weaknesses: Undead
Recipe: Mission Impossible base, milk carton plastic tunic, epoxy putty armor


Strengths: Dedication, hotty
Weaknesses: 1000 years old
Recipe: MK Jade head, torso, upper arms, lower legs; Jean Grey lower arms, hips, upper legs


Strengths: Cyborg, no remorse
Weaknesses: No soul
Recipe: Steel movie base, Friendly Plastic loincloth, wire wires


Strengths: Stealth
Weaknesses: Former ally of Sub-Zero
Recipe: Steel movie base, bicyle inner tube loincloth, wire wires


Strengths: Big and bad
Weaknesses: Arrogance
Recipe: ??? (Hint - parts from Onlsaught Wolverine, Leader Hulk, Abomination, & Maul)

There is also a 15" diameter simulated stone base available for displaying the figures. It is a representation of the famous "Pit" in the Mortal Kombat games. The following are photos of the figures posed on the display base:

Smoke, Scorpion, Kitana, Liu Kang, Sektor
Kitana, Liu Kang
Sektor, Smoke
Smoke, Sektor, Scorpion, Kitana, Liu Kang
Sektor, Scorpion, Smoke

All these characters are Midway properties. This site is in no way affiliated with Midway.
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