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Lotsa Base Figures!!!
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Marvel Super Heroes

Marvel Super Heroes was one of the first toy lines to incorporate characters from the Marvel Comic Universe.  The tradition continues here with Chris Land's Marvel Super Heroes.  His work expands from the Anvengers to the X-Men, but sadly he has no page... yet.  So you'll just have to enjoy this stuff until then.  Sorry about these pics, I kinda messed 'em up and didn't have time to fix 'em.

Boddy Drake (X-Factor)

Base: Archangel III
Head: Iceman II
picture not available

Base: 10" Daredevil
Head: 10" Gambit
Belt: 10" Stealth Wolverine


Base: Cosmic Silver Surfer

Iron Man

Base: Inferno Armor Iron Man
Head:Iron Man
Armor: mixed from both

Wyatt Wingfoot

Base: Spider-Man Peter Parker
Head: G.I. Joe Extreme guy

Count Nefaria

Base: Corsair
Head: Zorro bady guy
Cape: Ninja Psylocke

Clockwise from top left: Wonderman, Giantman, Iron Man
Marvel Super Heroes Group 1

From Left to Right: Wyatt Wingfoot, Count Nefaria, Bobby Drake
Marvel Super Heroes Group 2

All these characters are probably ©1999 by Paramount Television Networks, or something like that.  This site is in no way affiliated with either Playmates or Paramount.
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