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Lotsa Base Figures!!!
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These small creatures have taken the World by storm.  The idea is that animals are replaced by creatures that humans raise and train.  They live in these little Pokeballs (the background).  They are drawn in the average Jappenesse Anime style with the big eyes and the cute little faces.  There are 151 known species of Pokemon at this point and time.  It is both a game and a show (Sundays after Batman Beyond, well at least where I am).  Also to note the major characters are Ash and his Pokemon named Pickachu.  Also the costars are Brock and Mindy two Pokemon trainers.  I hope that made since.  Also there's Team Rocket, but that would just confuse you.

Pokemon Species
Psyduck- the little guy pictured above is made by Model Magic by the wonderful Ian Macdonald.  Great Work Ian.
Pickachu-The mascot of the whole Pokémon world (ohh I did the accendent over the e I'm proud) is also done by the wonderful Ian Macdonald, once again made by Model Magic

Bulbasaur- This plant Pokémon is made by Ian Macdonald, guess what its made of.

Ditto- Do you really need me to tell you?

Squirtle-You stopped reading this haven't you, you have.

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