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Lotsa Base Figures!!!
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This line struck collectors and customizers eye as soon as they came out.  Featuring great characters as Supes and Batman in the great realistic styles.  The only bad thing was the crappy looking villians (the horror the horror).  well enough talking here come the customs.  We'll start with the wonderful customs of Davy Stone, his work along with his roomate's, Chip Kraus, can be found here:

Silver Banshee
Base: Robot Wars Storm
Lightening Effects: cut plastic
Captain Marvel
Base: Bucanneer Batman
Head: modified B&R Two-Face
Chest flap & boot cuff: Sculpey
Cape: Crayola Model Magic
Base: She-Hulk
Hair: Sculpey
cuffs: Rubber Bands
Armor scales: Ink pen
Tomorrow Woman
Base: Black Cat
Hair, cuffs and details: Sculpey
Cape: TJ Superman
Medallions: plastic cut with hole punch
Skirt: Irridescent plastic

GROUP SHOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From Left to Right: Silver Banshee, Captain Marvel, Rampage, Tommorow Woman

New Stuff (3/9)!!!

Monsterfink created these 7 great figures from a wide variety of sources.  Some of these have already appeared on his page, but there's at least one new one.  I'm too lazy to figure it out myself, but you can go to The JLA Watchtower and check it out for yourself!

Phantom Stranger
Base: Batman Forever Two-Face
Hands: Spider-Man Dr. Strange
Head: Jurassic Park (Sam Neil guy)
Base: TJ Superman
Right Arm: B&R Bane
Left Arm: X-Men Light-Up Gambit
Boots: B&R Bane
Head: TJ Aquaman
Kneepads: sculpted
Chain: glasses chain
Energy Superman
Base: X-Men Iceman II
Great effects when back-lit!
Blue Devil
Base: TJ Flash
Hands: X-Men Havok, SMOS Steel
Hooks: TJ Aquaman
Horns: Ghost Rider Skinner
Base: X-Men Light-Up Nightcrawler
Head: X-Men Light-Up Gambit
Fire: WildC.A.T.s Hellspont
Arms: Spider-Man Doctor Strange
Hands: X-Men 2099 Halloween Jack
Base: B&R Robin
Hair: sculpted
Martian Manhunter
Base: TJ Hawkman
Cape: Iron Man Backlash
Head: Bad Guy Jurassic Park

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