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Lotsa Base Figures!!!
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This incredible 2-pack from DarkMonkE Toys Inc. was commissioned by the head sculptors brother.  These two classic characters are probably two of the best wrestlers ever to grace the squared-circle.  Diesel and Razor Ramon were known as the bad guys of the WWF during their period there, and are now even worse guys in WCW's nWo.  It's our pleasure to introduce to you these great wrestlers in a special limited edition 2-pack.

First up is Razor Ramon.  Here you see him oozing with macchismo in his classic green and gold wrestling outfit.  While wearing this outfit, Razor Ramon captured the Intercontinental Championship 3 times and the tag team titles once.  You'll notice the trademark "Razor" across his pants, and the razors all over his outfit (knees, elbows).  On both knee pads, and both elbow pads you will notice that Razor Ramon has two razors each.

Considering I wasted all my BS on that last caption I don't there's too much to say here, except, "Look at that neato Razor Ramon logo on the back of his vest!"  In this prototype version, it was decoupaged, but will be painted for the mass release.  Notice, that if you count the razors on his butt both clockwise and counterclockwise that you will come up with the number 4.  That's the exact number of razors on his butt.  Neat trick, huh?

Diesel here, is probably the most threatening and toughest guys in wrestling history.  While he never caught on like Hulk Hogan did, he managed to own each title (Intercontinental, Heavyweight, Tag Team) in the WWF all in one year (the European belt did not yet exist)!  This spectacular wrestler is wearing the same oufit we wore in his battle with the Undertaker at Wrestlemania X (I think).  This former bodyguard to Shawn Michaels, later betrayed and frankly kicked crap outta his employer, Mr. Michaels.  He is now a member of the nWo Wolfpac in the wrestling federation for senior citizens, WCW.

At press time, packaging was still in developement stages.

You can find more of Trip's work at: DarkMonkE's Custom Action Figure Stuff Page

These characters are Titan Sports properties (I think). This site is in no way affiliated with Titan Sports or Turner Television Networks.  By the way, I don't hate WCW either, it's just that WWF is so much better.
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