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Welcome to "Customize This!"
This is the official Customize It! chat room, where all of the weekly chats take place.  Currently, there are two weekly chats: Sunday General Chat (6:00 pm CST) and Monday Trade Day Chat (9:00 pm CST).  Of course, you can come to this room at anytime you want, but there are sure to be more people during those scheduled times.  If this chat is going to be up all the time, I need to say a few things:

  1. If you have a name that almost everyone recognizes you by (ie DarkMonkE), then please use that login name. If you don't have a unique and recognizable name, then please check the list below and pick a new name (not on that list).  This is to help avoid name confusion within the chat room. Also, please use the same login everytime.
  2. Soon, a list of names and who "owns" them, will go up, to further avoid the possibility of name confusion.
  3. Please, be kind to everyone, and everyone will be kind to you.
  4. No password is required, but please type in your webpage's URL.  Also, even though you can "Detach" the chat window, you can't close your broswer without killing the chat.
  5. Last but not least, HAVE FUN!!!

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To report a bug or just be friendly, please contact me.

You have permission to contact me through my email at, or by going to Contact Customize It!.

    Customize This! is ©1998 by Richard "Trip" Somers.
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