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Judging by where you now are, I suppose you'd like to contact Customize It! Well, assuming you clicked on the correct link you've found the right place, but I guess you probably figured that out already.

This whole section (Contact Customize It!) runs on HTML forms, so you don't need to worry about those pesky, little, pop-up, email windows. I'm pretty sure that all browsers can use forms for email stuff, but if by some chance you can't properly send the data through my forms, then you'll either have to email me, or get the latest version of the browser of your choice (Internet Explorer 4.0+ or Netscape Navigator 4.0+).

This page was designed to be an interactive thing where everyone can contribute, that's why this section is so very important. From here, you can submit, suggest, ask, commend, complain, etc. about any part of Customize It!. Just please find the appropriate link first. The menu on the left displays all of the current places to contact me. Please, find what you're looking for and get to it, 'cause I can't wait to hear from you (and improve?)!