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This page is in part my experiment, but it really means is that you failed to fill out a required field in one of the forms.  Please click "Back" in your browser to return and complete the form.  Thank You.  But, first, if you want, I've started messing around with some new HTML tags, cause of the new browsers coming out.  You might be interested in some of these neat-o thingies I have done.  You might even want to check them out.

All examples dealing with images (that are not backgrounds) only work with Microsoft IE 4.0 or better.

Here's an example of a dynamic background!

Here's the same thing but with a wooden handle!

Doh! this is the one with the wooden handle!

So now I need to babble on for a while in order
to get a block of text that's large enough so that you
can see the background effect underneath the text.
Babble, babble, babble. Talk, talk, talk. *sigh*