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This engine searches by phrase. To separate these phrases, use a space and a "+".
Any search w/commas will not return any matches.  Click here for a list of search tips.

Hello, this is the ever-evolving Custom Action Figure Search Engine.   It's incredibly primative, but that makes it incredibly fast.  Of course, I'm saying this without having tested it online.

I recently improved it to display just one of each result per query.   It's setup for a default search of a "boolean and".  So you must separate your phrases with a " +", minus the quote-marks, of course (Notice: there's a space before the "+").  Commas don't work, and I can't rank the relevancy, 'cause I ain't got those skills, yet.  If it goes wacky, or an error occurs, I apologize, 'cause this is the first Perl program I've ever written.  Pretty good for a beginner, eh?  Click here to find a list of search tips.

Here are some search examples:
"trip somers +DarkMonkE", searches (in order) for "trip somers", and "darkmonke"

"DarkMonkE trip somers ", searches for "DarkMonkE trip somers", and will have no matches

"DarkMonkE +trip +somers", searches (in order) for "DarkMonkE", "trip", and "somers"