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Customize It! Links

Having trouble finding exactly what you're looking for in the custom world? Well, if it exists, then we have it here. To save time, I say this without experience, use our very own search engine. This search engine searches every single link on this page, nuthin' more, and just for the stuff that you want! Go ahead; give it a try. The links are posted below.

I try to keep this list complete, but if you know of a link you think I should have here, then please click here.

(x)-Falcon5568's Custom Page - (Joe, - These are my custom figures of great varieties of WCW/NWO, Marvel, and DC custom figures.

(x)-Spacer's Custom's & Stuff - (Wes, - My corner of the internet, chock full of stuff I find amusing and or entertaining, along with my customs of various Marvel characters.

(1)-AFX! - (Name, Email@Address) - Description

(2)-artdroid/Personal WBS Home Page - (Name, Email@Address) - Description

(3)-Arkenyon's Custom Figures - (Name, Email@Address) - Description

(4)-Avengers Assemble! The Custom Work of Christopher Wiggenhorn - (Name, Email@Address) - Description

(5)-beetlejla's page - (Name, Email@Address) - Description

(6)-Bill Burns Custom Figures - (Bill Burns, - Description

(7)-Bill Nolan's Custom Action Figures - (Name, Email@Address) - Description

(8)-Brian Orban's Bitz Box - (Name, Email@Address) - Description

(9)-Castles in the Sky - (Name, Email@Address) - Description

(18)-DarkMonkE's Custom Figure Stuff Page - (Trip Somers, - The figures here are some cool X-Men characters along with a mix of Thunderbolts and other Marvel Characters.

(23)-Fat Sal's Custom Action Figures - (Steve Saladino, - "Custom action figures done in the Super Powers style! Sections include Golden and Silver Ages, as well as the Teen Titans!!!"

(25)-Geeky Charms' Custom Action Figures - (JC Fletcher, - An eclectic collection of DC, animated, and video game custom figures, many of which have never been made by another customizer, plus a name that reminds people of cereal!

(45)-Matt J. Britton's Web Page - (Matt J. Britton, - This page features custom action figures of a wide variety of lesser-known superheroes such as Doc Savage, Captain Action, and The Black Terror.