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Kenneth Christy aka "Rookie",

  • HAVES:
  • Star Wars
    • Expanded Universe: Luke MOC (trade for loose + ?)
    • Classic (Flashback Photo) Yoda (x2)
    • Ponda Baba head
    • Dengar head
    • Stormtrooper Luke, no helmet
    • Speeder Bike Luke, no bike/guns/saber
    • Swoop Trooper, upper half only
    • Dash Rendar, no accessories
  • EWJ: Princess What's-Her-Name (on card)
  • WWF Ringside Series 1:MO(so-so)C Vince McMahon
  • WWF Ringside Series 1: Sunny
  • WWF Ringside Series 1: Sable
  • X-Men Savage Land Angel & Suaron (can be separated, MIB)
  • Archduke from Anastasia
  • Aladdin
  • Lion King Mustafa
  • The Lost World: Jurassic Park
    • Nick Van Owen, no head/arms, has spray blaster and pteradon backing card
    • Malcolm's Smart Missile and baby T-Rex with backing card, NO MALCOLM
    • guy with crewcut, no accessories
    • two arms from Alan Grant, non-muscular
  • Incredible Hulk: She-Hulk w/gamma crossbow
  • Warriors of Virtue: Elysia w/backing card
  • Mighty Ducks: Power Walker Nosedive, all accesories and backing card
  • Lost in Space: Major Don West's helmut, gun, backing card, NO DON WEST
  • Last Action Hero: Arnold with brown jacket
  • Ghostbusters: Fright FX Peter Venkman, no accesories
  • BTAS: Creeper w/shoulder thingy and backing card, nothing else
  • WANTS:I will accept cash in some instances
  • Star Wars Expanded Universe: Luke head
  • Star Wars Luke Skywalker head (Complete Galaxy/Final Duel/Rancor Beast Pack)
  • I'm looking for most carded SW figs, ships, or accesories (including the 80's micro series).  Metal Gear Solid figs would be nice, too.

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