Lotsa Base Figures!!!
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a.k.a. Custom Toy Fair 99

The basic plan was to follow the format of most Internet Toy Sites that do coverage of the American International Toy Fair for all those action figures made by the companies that we know and love.  We will do our best to assemble realistic toy lines, as the toy companies do.  An example could be the following:   Thunderbolts (current ToyBiz 5 figure format) which would contain: Baron Zemo, Citizen V, Meteorite, Atlas/Jolt 2-pack, and Mach-1/Songbird 2-pack.

The assortments and characters were obviously negotiable.  If enough characters were made, we have created multiple series of figures (just like the "real" toy makers, get the trend?).  The idea was to make our own Toy Fair and see how it compares to the "real" Toy Fair (you know? for kicks!).  Each day, maybe 2 or 3 new assortments will go up.  Next year we can even do the Pre-Toy Fair stuff, just like the "real" toy makers.  I'm getting tired of saying that phrase, so I think I'll stop.

There is no limit to the number of figures that can be submitted, which lead to abnormal amounts of figures created by each participant!  Below you can get some ideas to work with and for, and you can get an idea of projects to join up on with other people.  If you have another idea, please ask me about it, and we'll do our best to get it up there so others can join.  The deadline was March 5, 1999 (Friday), and the first project page went up the following Monday, March 8, 1999.

It works like a series of group projects that are revealed for the first time.  All the photos are kept a secret ('cept from me and my helpers) until they are revealed on the CustomCon International page (then of course they revert to their owners and can be placed wherever they please).

The following lines have been uploaded and are ready to be viewed.

Batman: Total Justice. (new stuff 3/9) 

Everybody's favorite team (JLA), so many characters, so little time, so start cranking out those figs.


Star Trek. 

Figures from the cultish movies, multiple tv series, and comics.


Mortal Kombat. 

Figures from the popular video games, movies, and new television series.



Yes, DC!! Animated Style!!!


Marvel Super Heroes. 

This line was stopped extremely prematurely, with only 1/10 of Marvel's star characters being represented.  Check out some great new figures.



151 little creatures and the Pokemon Trainers, plenty to go around.



You'll definitely wanna see this spooky stuff from one of the truly scariest customizers on the 'net.


Super Powers. 

One of the greatest lines in history, here you can make the ones they forgot.


WWF Attitude 2-pack. 

Everyone's favorite pastime (next to customizing, of course).  We need people to fill this line out with Toy Biz style wrestlers!


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Ummm... incase you couldn't tell this page was a big rip-off of RTM Comic Con 98 RTM page.  You can locate the page here http://www.toymania.com/sdcc98/

E-mail me here if there are any problems or if you would like to compliment or insult my page tewart@home.com or to sign-up for something email DarkMonkE@aol.com.

Also, we are not in any way affiliated with Hasbro, Nintendo, Marvel Enterprises, Warner Bros., Valiant (hehe), Ted Turner (or his TV stations, and wrestling), or Titan Sports.  We're not making any money either, so stay off of our case :o)

Pretty much all of this is copyrighted by one of them...